Align your daily tasks with your long-term goals

A goal is easier to achieve if you break it down in smaller steps1. But how do you go from a big hairy goal to tasks you can complete in a day?

Crest helps you align your daily tasks with your long-term goals. With Crest, you use check-ins, breakdowns and reviews to move towards your goals. Every day.

Crest is currently available by invitation only.

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Crest App Goal Planner and Journaling App for iPhone

Align your daily tasks with your long-term goals

Backed by Research

Research1 shows that you increase your chances of achieving a goal if you break it down into small steps. You stay motivated, avoid overwhelm and get more done with Crest.

Stay on Track

Crest is big on daily and weekly reviews. When you review your progress, and regularly check in, you minimize the chances of getting off track, and maximize your focus.

Flexible Framework

Crest doesn’t force you to adopt a rigid framework, but instead stays flexible when your goals and projects change. Got a 4-month goal with 2 week projects? Crest’s got your back!

Crest ❤️ Mindfulness

Live in day-tight compartments, stay in the moment, and worry less. Crest loves mindfulness, stays out of your way and helps you live and work from day to day.

Goals + Journaling

Crest is a magic combo of setting goals, journaling your progress and reviewing your day. The perfect blend for staying focused, achieving your goals, and keeping your cool.

3 Month Goals (Or So…)

Tasks take the time we set for them, and that’s why Crest gives you about 3 months to achieve your goals, instead of a longer period. Achieve more by doing less.

Upgrade to Crest Pro

Ready to get stuff done? Upgrade to Crest Pro to get extra features. Track your habits, use the planner to effectively plan your day, and get a bird’s eye view of your progress with the handy review calendar. Includes unlimited goals, customization options, and sync with other devices. Crest Basic stays free forever.
$1.49/month or $14.99/year

Crest App Goal Planner and Journaling App for iPhone

Crest is available by invitation only

What is Crest?

Crest is a goal planner and daily journaling app. With Crest you increase your chances of achieving a big hairy goal by breaking it up in smaller steps. The app also helps you to effectively plan and spend your time, and keep your focus.

Who is Crest for?

Crest is made for achievers. Whether you want to build a business, get really good at something, or lose weight – with Crest you can achieve your goals and keep your cool in the process. You don’t need any superpowers, knowledge of “GTD”, fancy journal or pencils in a gazillion colors. We’re just here to help you succeed!

How does the app work?

With the Crest app you break up your 3-month goal into smaller milestones, like something you can do in a month. Then, you break up those milestones into projects you can complete in about a week. Every day you check in with your goals, milestones and projects and choose tasks that will move you closer to completing a project. Complete your projects, complete your milestones, and complete your big hairy goal!

Where can I download Crest?

Crest is currently being tested by a select group of individuals, so it’s available for you to try by invitation only. Click here to get an invite.

Reinder de Vries, iOS developer

And… it’s made by who again!?

Crest is made with ♥ by indie app developer Reinder de Vries. Since 2009, Reinder has built a few dozen apps for iOS, Android and the web. He’s also the driving force behind, a blog about app development and marketing.

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